The Arts-Kids program is a youth development program designed specifically to help children and youth learn to cope with major life issues at home and at school. Using the Expressive Arts and group dynamics (and even some STEM concepts), the program provides participants with a positive environment for self-expression which helps them gain self-confidence and self-esteem and teaches them life skills in communication, problem-solving, listening, decision-making and socialization. 

The mission of Arts-Kids is to provide our youth facing adversity with life skills through an after-school expressive arts program. 


We are committed to creating a community that offers youths a safe and supportive environment, positive adult mentors and a chance to explore and spark curiosity at how the arts and sciences shape our world. There are many benefits to our program- all which can help defends against negative behaviors such as alcohol and substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, bullying and social difficulties in peer relationships. 

Arts-Kids is a vital community asset.

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