Corinne Humphrey

Corinne Humphrey is an artist and the author/illustrator of three award-winning children's picture books featuring her favorite companion and muse, Rudy. The charm of her bold, whimsical paintings draw viewers in and invite closer inspection, allowing deeper positive messages to be revealed. Corinne works mainly in acrylic on canvas and paper, and she also experiments with mixed media, oils and now, computer-aided graphic design. She has enjoyed being an Arts-Kids supporter and artist for about 7 years. 


James Hardy

James Hardy’s yoga journey began in high school when his mother “dragged” him to a power class in preparation for the upcoming Lacrosse season.  Years later he would find himself a regular student at Dana Baptiste’s Centered City Yoga in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Eventually James would be certified as an instructor under Dana’s Inbody Academy.  Since graduating from “Inbody Academy” he has not only gained a following of students at Centered City Yoga, but has also branched off to work with athletes, youth and rehabilitation patients.

For James surfing serves as a beautiful metaphor for yoga: “It is the opportunity to dive deep into yourself and practice finding the balance and strength needed to ride the waves of life.  The more you gain awareness, the more you will have moments of finding yourself in ‘the tube’; the universe swirling around you so fast it stills to a quiet hum as you come to a state of awareness and harmony with your mind, body and soul.”


Mark Walton

Mark Walton has done storyboards, story development, and visual development for 19 animated films. He's worked for Disney, DreamWorks, Blue Sky Studios, Marza, Original Force, RGH, Duncan Studios, and Mass Animation. Some of his credits include Disney's Tarzan, The Emperor's New Groove, Home on the Range, Chicken Little, Meet the Robinsons, Bolt, Turbo, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Rio 2, and the upcoming Duck Duck Goose and Blazing Samurai. He has led workshops in story, character development, comedy, and improv'. He has taught drawing, storyboarding, design and color theory, gesture drawing, and visual development at Cal Arts, The Art Institute, and Westwood College. He has also voiced a few animated characters, including "Rhino the Hamster" in Disney's Bolt.

Juanita Marshall

Using clay as my main medium I seek to understand and represent the world around me through functional and non- functional sculpture and designs.  Nature and its beauty and power, influences my work.  Along with producing, instructing children and adults in ceramic techniques increases my awareness and appreciation of the medium. Particularly when working with children I learn more from them about real creativity and the beauty of taking risks in an artistic environment.

McLean Paul

McLean Paul is a visual storyteller that works in pencil, pen and ink and has begun exploring watercolor.  McLean is a graduate from Broadview Entertainment Arts University with a BFA in Comic and Sequential Art.  McLean has been enamored with visual storytelling since he was a child, spending hours reading comics and drawing.  This practice continues on to this day.  McLean has done work for various clients, including artwork for books, logo designs and personal commissioned pieces.  Currently, McLean has been working as a Freelance Storyboard Artist for Track 36 Studios, and Broadview University.  He has also been working on a new picture book and his own personal stories and illustrations.  McLean also enjoys sharing his passion for storytelling and illustration with others.   

McLean resides in Centerville, Utah, with his wife and two sons, who always keep him on his toes.   

Lori McDonald

A Utah native, Lori McDonald completed her bachelor degree in Elementary Education at the University of Utah. She also attended the Art Center College of Design in photography and other art schools on the west coast. Most of Lori’s work the past 25 years has been in photography both as a commercial and fine art photographer, a graphic designer, co-owner of a design business with her husband, Steve and a game designer of the educational board game Polar Eclipse. When returning to Utah in 1996, Lori was a founding member of Soldier Hollow Charter School and taught art to K-8th grade students. A dedicated mom and teacher, Lori loves kids and providing opportunities for creative experiences and expression. She is most happy in the wild where you may find her seeking out the best powder to ski or trails to run.

Erin Yerra
Erin originally became involved with Arts-Kids as a donor in 2005. She owned a small face painting business and would donate face painting packages for fundraisers. Of course Arts-Kids immediately wanted her to come teach face painting. The kids loved the class and Erin fell in love with the program. She has taught and facilitated at multiple schools. Bubble Art is another favorite for the kids but face painting has always been her favorite class to teach. Although Erin has a BS in Environmental Management, she continues to be involved with Arts-Kids out of the pure love of the program. Her two sons love to help and participate.  Eventually she hopes Arts-Kids will come to her sons’ schools.  In her free time, Erin loves to go camping with her family and strives towards sustainable living.


Samantha Simon

Samantha is an illustrator and author. Her published book: UTAH 4 KIDS is an adventure guide book that parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents can use to help the kids in their life connect with fun adventures all over the state of Utah.  Samantha has a degree in Spanish from the University of Utah. Samantha Simon has been compelled her entire life in the development of creative ideas.  She contributes a large sum of success to being artistic.  And she loves Arts Kids!


Sarena Walsh

Sarena is an artist who works in a variety of mediums including oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media in order to express a particular idea artistically. Her paintings explore color and light effects that reflect her strong connection with nature. Her works merge reality with her personal vision, a reverie that only her mind’s eye reveals. These works mirror her inner life and chart the flow of time.