Nels Anderson, Drum Bus

Nels has been facilitating drumming events since 2009 with Rhythms of Life and an owner of his own territory since 2013. He averages 25+ events/month in Salt Lake County engaging over 1,500 people monthly with group-drumming.

Nels sees the power of drumming play out on the groups he works with and on himself. “I love to see the walls of inhibition come crumbling down. Not only do I love to see it in others, but in myself. It brings out abilities in me I never thought possible.”

Nels’ loves his job, even on the days he is tired: “As soon as the drumming begins, and after, I feel so grateful for the experience.” Nels has noticed how easily people bond and get along after drumming together–both children and adults.

Maggie Call photo.jpg

Maggie Call, Emotional Expression

Maggie is a graphic designer, monochrome lover and ends almost every meal with chocolate. Her love for minimalism, design, and typography drove her to start an online shop, Tiny Love Design—locally and ethically handmade screen-printed graphic tees and prints. The desire for good design rules most of Maggie’s decisions, so it’s a good chance she’ll pay extra for the box of cereal with the best packaging.

When Maggie isn’t obsessing over design and typography you can find her newbie self-practicing yoga, or learning to paint abstract art. Thanks to her outdoorsy husband, Maggie has learned to love rock climbing and snowshoeing. He has yet to win her over in reading books without pictures.

Danielle Ferrari photo.jpg

Danielle Ferrari, Social Dance

Danielle completed a degree in elementary education at Westminster College in 1998- this fall will be her 21st year working as a teacher in the Davis School District..

One of the most personally rewarding aspects of teaching are the relationships that she maintains with current and former students. Dani enjoys keeping in touch with all the families she has known over the years. She has been teaching different forms of dance to 6th graders every year. She is excited to expand her dance instruction to the Arts-Kids program. Hopefully, the students will enjoy dance and social interaction as much as Dani does.

She lives in Centerville with my husband Joe, my son Connor, my daughter Tylee and our two dogs Suzie and Mia. I love teaching, reading, going out to dinner, going to movies and chocolate!

Lucia Ferrazzoli photo.jpg

Lucia Ferrazzoli, Special Education and Preschool Programs

Lucia Ferrazzoli currently resides in Park City after spending the majority of her life in Rhode Island. 

She has a BA in Psychology and has worked with adults and children with developmental disabilities for over five years. 
Art has been an integral element of her life. 

Growing up with parents who are both self-employed jewelers, her innate passion for creative expression was consistently encouraged in the home environment. 
She is thrilled to spread the therapeutic benefits of the arts and to explore other outlets that help support wellness, including recreation and nature. 


Jasmine Fitzsimmons, Healthy Food and Mixed Media Art

Jasmine Fitzsimmons has been with ArtsKids for about four years now as both a facilitator and artist, most recently at McPolin in Park City. Jasmine is currently enrolled in graduate school at University of Utah and working on a Masters in Social Work.

She has an extensive background and passion in alternative therapies with at-risk youth, hence why she loves Arts Kids so much. 

Jasmine has hosted many art lesson plans in the past with elementary-middle schoolers and has created a number of lesson plans for Arts Kids including topics with healthy choices,butterflies, kaleidoscopes, theater and more,  which she incorporates into art activities and a self-reflection exercise. 

On a side note, kids love cooking and preparing food for themselves and others and Jasmine created and hosted her signature session on healthy lifestyles and the Art of Preparing Food (without heat) and her banana sushi and apple pizza session has become one of the most popular Arts Kids session topics.

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Janae Garrett, Modern Dance & Movement, Drama, Music

Janae began her dance training at Salt Lake Dance Center where she participated in nine years of competitive dance. Her training, while there, consisted of ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary dance. She later danced with Utah’s Odyssey Dance Theater on their training company for 3 years.

She attended Chapman University in Orange, California where she was accepted on The Dean’s Scholarship. While there she earned two degrees, a B.A. in Dance and a B.A. in Integrated Education Studies with an emphasis in community eduction in Non-Governmental Organizations.

Janae has found her skill set is best served when educating young students. She love inspiring them to access the power of dance and movement to help them experience the same joy that she has found through movement. Janae has a strong passion for the arts as well as education.

Cowboy Ted photo.JPG

“Cowboy Ted” Hallisey, Cup Stacking - Parachute Fun - Stick Horse Rodeo - Milk Carton Magic - Flying Disc Fun

Cowboy Ted Hallisey has visited with over 260,000 kids across the United States to share wellness programs and encourage kids to find their “happy place” several times during each day. He has spent the majority of his career as a media host for radio and TV and created the Cowboy Ted & Friends program and www.cowboyted.com  web site – along with Cowboy Ted & Friends You Tube Channel and Facebook page for kids and families to have fun and stay healthy.

CT has a Master of Education degree in Health, Physical Education and Recreation and Bachelor’s degree in communication. He has been an instructor for elementary, high school and college classes and has hosted over 1,000 after school programs.

He patterns all of his lessons on the model of experiential learning and is a strong believer in the quote by Gennedy V. Oster – “I hear-I forget, I see - I learn, I do – I understand.

The cornerstone of his programs are Get Outside – Get Active – Get Healthy

Jane Poulton photo.JPG

Jane Poulton, Emotional Expression

Jane Poulton is a clinical social worker and former elementary school teacher. When the field of Positive Psychology/Education was born, she became motivated to create PEP-Positive Education Project, where optimism and character strengths enable teachers and students to thrive rather than just survive.

For Jane, life is at it’s best when she has freed the flower garden from all the weeds, walked in the sun, laughed at her husband’s silly jokes, marveled at her children’s uniqueness and has a chocolate donut waiting for her at the end of the day.

Bridgette Profile.jpg

Bridgette Smith, Stuffed animals - Theater - Watercolor - Pointillism - Luminaries

Bridgette Smith is passionate about helping kids learn. Whether tutoring kids in math and reading, or facilitating Arts- Kids groups, she loves creating environments where students enjoy learning. One of the most rewarding experiences is when a student not only understands a new concept, but takes pleasure in doing something that used to be difficult for them.

Bridgette has found this passion through many years of working with children. She has owned/taught preschool for two years, been a STAR tutor through AmeriCorp for two years, owned a tutoring company for seven years, worked as a para educator for four years and has been involved with the Arts-Kids program for over fifteen years.

When Bridgette Isn't working with students she enjoys running, spending time with her husband and four kids, and eating dark chocolate while reading a good book.

Erin Yerra photo.jpg

Erin Yerra, Bubble Art & Face Painting
Erin Yerra has been involved with Arts Kids for over 12 years and has taught face painting and bubble art to hundreds of kids. She got her start with Arts Kids as a face painting instructor and has since developed several other fun art lesson plans. She has taught and facilitated at multiple schools. Bubble Art is another favorite for the kids but face painting has always been her favorite class to teach. Although Erin has a BS in Environmental Management, she continues to be involved with Arts-Kids out of the pure love of the program. Her two sons love to help and participate. 

Erin has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Management. She has two boys who love Arts Kids and help her teach classes from time to time and she is expecting another boy in mid-December