A Special Thank You


Herman Oliekan

November 30, 1916- April 26, 2009

Herman Oliekan came to the U.S. at 9 years old with his family from the Netherlands, Europe. His parents encouraged his gift as an artist and from a young age he taught himself by observing and studying the great masters of art, Rembrandt being his favorite. At 24 he served in the US Army during WWII in the Asiatic Pacific mainly on Guadalcanal, Northern Solomon’s, and afterward was awarded citizenship for his service in the war effort. He met, and married Cora in 1945 and continued to share their mutual love of music, art, and nature until Cora died in 1994.


Because of his passion for art, learning, music, and respect for life he never stopped sharing his knowledge and love for them with others. He was always sharing with other and concerned about their well-being.

This love and passion that Herman had for benefiting the lives of others has reached far and wide, including Arts-Kids. We at Arts-Kids are grateful for Herman’s contributions to the art community as well as the generous donation made in his behalf to support the Arts-Kids mission, to provide life skills and arts education to all. His impact to the community will continue to be felt and remembered as thousands of kids benefit from the Arts-Kids program.