The 22 Arts-Kids Life Skills are taught through the expressive arts. Trained professional artists and educators introduce students to new art forms while emphasizing AK Life Skills within each session.

Below are the different types of expressive arts used in Arts-Kids lessons:



We offer several different types of dance forms including, social dance, modern dance and hip hop. In these dance sessions students learn life skills in emotional expression, interpreting non-verbal communication, how to build positive relationships with peers, decision making, problem solving and growing self- esteem. Students engage in movement games that introduce them to the different art forms, help them expand their comfort zones and develop a community of trust with their peers and advisors.


The focus of the drama activities are to help kids understand how to take healthy risks in life. This is taught as students are given tasks that involve decision making, problem solving, as well as communication techniques. These choices are then developed into empathy as students discuss different way they can make positive risks at school and at home. Students often come up with the risk of saying “hi” to someone new or making a new friend.


Our movement classes consist of pilates or yoga for kids. These classes incorporate recreation to help get the mind and body connected. These classes are designed to help kids develop techniques they can use at home and school to help balance emotion and mental health. practice mindfulness, cope, handle disappointment and disagreements in a non-violent way and be able to manage stress. They are able to create, in class, a 5 minute sequence of poses and exercises they liked most and are encouraged to use their flow at home or school.

Speed Stacking

If you’ve ever seen someone speed stack cups you understand that there is an art to it. The kids love being challenged with different ways to build and take down the cups. Speed Stacking also gives kids a lot of opportunities to work together. Speed Stacking gets kids making their own decisions,




During the music session students will be introduced to beats and how a set of beats assembled into a pattern creates a song. They have turns being the leader and setting the beat and tempo of the activity and learn important listening skills. The highlight activity of this session is the opportunity to create their very own musical instrument using house hold odds and ends allowing them to express their individuality. This activity is part of the STREAM emphasis Arts-Kids has. In a different music session kids will learn about creating healthy rhythms in life and have the opportunity to use musical instruments such as drums and boomwackers.

Mixed Media

We have a variety of Mixed Media activities including Making Resiliency Leaves for the Tree of Life where students learn what it means to be resilient and healthy coping skills, students also have the opportunity to make their own stress balls, dream catchers and emotion sculptures. All of these activities focus on the life skills of coping, stress management and resiliency.

Painting and Drawing

Our painting session allows kids to explore a medium that is tangible. Painting allows for stress management, creativity and individual expression. Some of these activities include drawing or painting to music while students focus on how different songs lead us to feel different emotions. Kids get to also create murals and express themselves in individual ways.

Other Expressive Arts Sessions Include:

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Culinary Arts

  • Digital Arts

  • Poetry

  • Storytelling