Arts-Kids helped me speak up and not be shy.
— Student, Trailside Elementary

Success In The Making

Arts-Kids and Arts-Teens are after school programs held at schools in Summit, Wasatch, Salt Lake and Uintah Counties. If you would like your child to attend an Arts-Kids or Arts-Teens program, contact us. We believe the arts form a bridge between boundaries of language, ethnicity, socio-economic status, age and education. We emphasize process over technique and focus on personal growth rather than on any specific end product. Programming is also available for libraries, Girls & Boys Clubs, and other venues.

Purpose of Our Program

  • To promote and build life-skills like communication, problem solving, listening, decision-making and social skills.

  • To foster confidence and self-esteem in a non-competitive creative environment.

  • To promote empathy among diverse populations ages 8-17.

  • To build positive relationships with adult role models.

  • To balance individuality with a sense of global community.

  • To promote growing possibilities: anything can be accomplished if you set your heart to it.

Our Expressive Arts Program

Arts-Kids offers facilitator-led programs to small groups, 15-20 youth. ages 8-17.  Each 2.5 hour, 8-10-week sessions, begins and ends with a group circle where each child's voice is heard, communication skills are strengthened, personal motivation is enhanced, respect for others is forged, and a sense of community is fostered.

Each week, a different guest artist shares artistic experience and encourages the creative process in a variety of mediums.  Other communities and organizations can adopt the model through our professional training program.

We would love to have our expressive art program in your community.  Fill out the form below and we will contact you with more information.

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