Arts-Kids & Arts-Teens on the Ute Reservation

Arts-Kids, Inc. partners with St. Elizabeth's Episcopal Church
 to provide quality programming in Whiterocks and Randlett, Utah.

After-school sessions fall, winter and spring

For children & teens ages 8-17

No cost for families

Week-long summer camp

Field trip in the summer

Locations: St. Elizabeth's, Whiterocks; Holy Spirit, Randlett

Open to all Ute children regardless of religious affiliation


 Making personal jouornals after school

Making personal jouornals after school

Professional artists work with the children and teens, giving them opportunities to express themselves creatively through projects in the visual arts, music, and dance. Indigenous artists often provide experiences in native cultural arts and traditions.


 Making part of a team mural

Making part of a team mural

The purpose of Arts-Kids is to facilitate integration of the emotional, creative and spiritual parts of the self while the child is still in the developmental process. Groups are facilitated by tribal leaders who have been trained in group dynamics, the four stages of group development, and how to manage childhood behaviors.